How to Download and Save TikTok Video Ads from TikTok Creative Center

Zachary Murray

The article will teach you the best way to save ad inspiration from TikTok and the TikTok Creative Center.

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Starting in 2019 TikTok began allowing companies to self-serve ads on their platform. With TikTok spreading like wild fire, it has quickly became the fastest growing ad platform, carving it’s way with it’s own unique ad style.

Although TikTok’s ad platform is yet to be as mature as Facebook’s, it is quickly adding new features such as the TikTok Creative Center or “TikTok Ad Library” which is it’s own version of the Facebook Ad Library. The main purpose of the TikTok Creative Center is to discover high-performing advertising creatives to use as inspiration.

Unlike the Facebook Ad Library, you can not search by keywords or brand name, making it specifically hard for eCommerce stores advertising on TikTok to keep track of their competitors ad creative. The TikTok Creative Center will show you top ads, then allows you to filter by Region, Industry, Campaign objective, Source, Duration and Format. Either way, it is a great source of TikTok ad inspiration, and any advertiser should be using it.

Unfortunately, if you are using the TikTok Creative Center / Ad Library, you can’t save any video ads as inspiration to recall later or share with your team.

This big problem begs the question, how can I download video ads from TikTok Creative Center / Ad Library?

Step 1: Find the ads you want to save from TikTok Creative Center

Using your browser, go to and find an ad that you want to save. For example, we’re going to filter the TikTok Ad Library to display TikTok Ads targeted to United States, in the Apparel & accessories Industry, 10-20 seconds long with the objective of conversions to find great ads selling tapestries.

Perfect, we love the transition showing way the product arrives in the mail, to how it looks when it is being used. Now it is time to save and download the video ad from TikTok Creative Center so we can share it with a TikTok creator. It is important to note here that unfortunately, TikTok Comments or other native engagement metrics are not displayed in the TikTok Ad Library.

Step 2: Saving the TikTok Link or Use ForeplayChrome Extension

Using Foreplay, there are two ways to save a TikTok video ad. First, copy the URL of the pop-up you are on. Now we can bring this over to - what we’ll use to save this ad.

After making your free Foreplay account, just hit the + New Ad button when the pop-up appears past the URL to the TikTok Ad you want to save (you can do 5 at a time)

While using the TikTok Ad Library link is great, our second option, using our Chrome Extension is even easier. Once you download the Foreplay Chrome Extension, ad pages on TikTok Creative Center will now have a "Save to Foreplay" button, that will allow you to instantly send ads straight to your Foreplay boards.

Just select the board and click “Save to Foreplay”.

Just like that your TikTok Ad inspiration is saved. Foreplay will also save the following from TikTok.

  • TikTok Ad Copy
  • Display Format (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • TikTok Campaign Objective
  • Advertising Industry

With Foreplay, you are also able to download the TikTok video directly to your computer.

Step 3 (optional): Share your saved TikTok ads

Foreplay doesn’t stop there - this ad spy tool is built from the ground up for collaboration. You can share boards with clients or colleagues quickly and easily. To do it, just hit the “Share” button in the top right corner. This will create a unique link to your board that you can share.

When you share your Foreplay boards, the person you’re sharing with does not need an Foreplay account.

Foreplay is not only an easy way to download and save ads from TikTok Creative Center but it also allows you to Save Ads From Facebook Ad Library, making Foreplay the perfect place to gather Ad inspiration, ideas and collaborate with your creative team. Give it a try!

Zachary Murray
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