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Save Ads from Facebook & TikTok Ad Library

Produce more winning ads at scale with a Smart Swipe File. Effortlessly Save, Organize, and Share ad inspiration.

Why do you need Swipe File Software?

The best marketers in history had a secret Swipe File in their arsenal. Foreplay lets you skip the messy folders to save, organize and share advertising genius with a single click.


After Foreplay

Enabling Your Creative Workflow

Supercharge your team's workflow by bridging the gap between Media Buyers, Creatives, and Clients.

  • creating a swipe file for competitor research

    Competitor Research

    Save time and budget by testing with intelligence. Analyze your competition's ad creative matrix to find your next winning ad concept.

  • example of a client swipe file, helpful for agency businesses

    Client Presentations

    Clearly pitch your ideas, get approvals, and spend more time doing meaningful, creative work.

  • creating a swipe file for competitor research

    Manage Your Portfolio

    Swipe your video content from Facebook or TikTok to create your agency or UGC portfolio with ease.

How to Save & Share Ads

Using the Chrome Extension, you can Save Ads from Facebook Ad Library, TikTok creative centre, TikTok Top Ads, LinkedIn, and more with a single click.

Get the Chrome Extension

Seamlessly save ads from Facebook, TikTok & LinkedIn.

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"Foreplay is now my homepage. There is literally no better tool around to swipe ads and build boards of creative inspiration to share with my team. It easily saves us 1-2 hours per day."
Matthew Williams
CMO @ iStack / Affiliate World

Smart Swipe File Features

Better than an Ad Spy Tool, Foreplay is a purpose-built tool for performance marketers & creatives to get real work done.

How to fix the facebook ad library expired link issue

No Expired Links

Never lose an ad from Facebook Ad Library again. Save any ad forever.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok app icons being saved

Save All Ad Types

Save Image, Video, Carousel and DCO ads from every major ad platform.

Saving ad metadata

Crystallize Ad Metadata

Enrich your creative research with ad metadata and copy.

organizing your swipe file with custom contnet tags like ugc, us vs them and listicle

Custom Tags

Create, Manage, and Filter with custom tags so you never lose a reference.

How to filter your ad library

Filter by Industry & Format

Never get lost in the void. Filter your Swipe File by 100's of data points.

share your facebook swipe file with anyone

Easily Share with Anyone

Share content with a simple link, even to people without a Foreplay account.

facebook ad library scraper

Spyder | Ad Spy Tool

Automatically Spy on & Learn from your Competitors

Never miss an ad in Facebook Ad Library again. Spyder automatically saves and alerts you of new competitor ads displayed.

Learn More
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How to see if a facebook ad is still running

Real-Time Status

Analyze what competitor ads are working, and for how long.

comment on your advertising inspiration board

Team Collaboration

Collect a note from colleagues or feedback from clients.

how to embed a facebook or tiktok ad in notion

Embed in Notion

Natively embed Facebook or TikTok ads in your Notion page.

take a full-length screenshot of landing page

Landing Page Screenshot

Automatically save a landing page screenshot on both desktop & mobile.

using artificial intelegence to search your advertising swipe file

AI Search & Filter

Search your entire Swipe File using natural language text search.

embed a facebook ad or tiktok ad in your website

Embed in your Site or Blog

Embed Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn ads on your website.

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“Foreplay empowers not only our team but, our clients success. Having a central Swipe File for creative strategy fosters out-of-the-box creative thinking, with world class organization to simply make more winning ads”
Tim Keen
Founder / CEO @ Loop.club

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Become a Swipe File Samurai

Join the ranks of the best marketers in history by utilizing the power of swipe files. From Steve Jobs to David Ogilvy, swipe files have been a secret weapon in the arsenal of marketing geniuses for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share boards with Freelancers?

Sharing ad creative boards created in Foreplay is very simple. You can share boards or ads with anyone through public share links, even if they don't have their own Foreplay account.

Why do Facebook Ad Library Links Expire?

If you have tried sharing an ad from the Facebook ad library using the link found in the top right corner, then you have likely encountered an issue where the ad disappears after sending it to someone. This happens when the brand that is running the ad stops the ad campaign or makes a change to the ad ID.

Can I save ads from Instagram?

Instagram ads are a part of the Meta (Facebook) ecosystem. All Instagram ads can be seen and saved in the Facebook Ad Library.

How do I use Facebook Ad Library?

The Facebook Ad Library is a tool that can be used in many ways for tasks ranging spying on your competitor's ads to political transparency research. If you are looking to get the most of the FB Ad Library, I recommend reading our 2022 Facebook Ad Library Guide.

How to make an ad Swipe File?

Building an ad swipe file is incredibly important to an efficient, creative process. Using tools like Facebook Ad Library and TikTok top ads are a great place to start your discovery process. From there, using a Swipe File Tool from Foreplay is the best way to create and manage your Swipe File.

Where do I find good ad inspiration?

Finding effective ads to use as inspiration can be a painstaking task. That's why we created the Inspiration Library, which is the most extensive collection of curated Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn Ads in the world.

What is a Swipe File?

A Swipe File is a collection of marketing and copywriting examples. For more information on Swipe Files, check out this guide.

What types of content can I save to Foreplay?

You can save all ad types from Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. This includes videos, images, DCO ads and carousels. Foreplay also supports all ad aspect ratios, including vertical, horizontal, and square.

How do I save LinkedIn Ads
  • Step 1: Download the Foreplay Chrome Extension
  • Step 2: Add it to your browser toolbar
  • Step 3: Click the "Save to Foreplay" button added bellow the LinkedIn Ad.
  • Check out the full guide on downloading ads from a LinkedIn brand page.

How do I save ads from Facebook Ad Library?
  • Step 1: Download the Foreplay Chrome Extension
  • Step 2: Add it to your browser toolbar
  • Step 3: Click the "Save to Foreplay" button added on to the Facebook Ad Library page.
  • Check out the full guide on downloading ads from the Facebook ad library.
Will the ads I save stay forever?

Yes! Ads saved stay inside your foreplay account forever, even if they get taken down. We even track if the ad is still running and how long it has been active on the company's ad library page.

More than a Swipe File Tool

Swipe File is the first step in building your winning ad process. Turn up your performance and unlock the full feature-rich creative strategy stack.