How to Download and Save Ads from LinkedIn (3 Steps)

How to Download and Save Ads from LinkedIn (3 Steps)

Are you wondering how to see and download your competitors LinkedIn ads? Here are 3 simple steps on how you can do this with 2 clicks using our platform

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  • LinkedIn is a large platform for B2B content and advertising campaigns.
  • To view competitors' LinkedIn ads, go to their page, click on the "Posts" tab, and then the "Ads" sub-tab.
  • Use the Chrome extension to save LinkedIn ads for inspiration.
  • Share saved ads with graphic designers or video editors to improve your own LinkedIn ads.
  • Create a swipe file in Foreplay to manage and reference advertising inspiration for future campaigns.

LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms for B2B content and community. With that, it is now one of the largest platforms for businesses to run advertising campaigns and you are probably looking for inspiration. This post will be your guide on how to see and save LinkedIn ads so you can create compelling content for the LinkedIn audience.

Since LinkedIn does not have a Ad Library you must be asking, how can you view and download photo and video ads from LinkedIn?

Step 1: View your Competitors LinkedIn Ads

Navigate to the LinkedIn page of the company you want to spy on. For our example, we are going to save an ad from a popular design services platform, Superside. Once you are on their page;

  • Click on the "Posts" tab
  • Then click on the "Ads" sub-tab

Voila! Now you can see all the ads this company is currently running on LinkedIn.

Step 2: Download the Chrome Extension

We really like this ad that they made targeted towards Creative Strategist, and I want to save it as inspiration. Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not make it easy to save ad inspiration which is where Foreplay comes into the process. After installing, you will see a "save" button injected onto the page.

  1. Download the Foreplay Chrome Extension
  2. Create a Foreplay Account
  3. You will then see a "Save to Foreplay" button on LinkedIn
  4. Click "Save to Foreplay"

Amazing! With 2 simple clicks your LinkedIn ad is saved. Foreplay will also save all the valuable metadata like ad copy, call-to-action, landing page and more. But how can you use your ad inspiration to improve your sponsored content?

Note: When you save ads to Foreplay they will exist forever, meaning even if the company stops running that campaign, you can still access it in your Foreplay dashboard.

Step 3: (Optional) Share your LinkedIn ad inspiration

Now that you have saved various different ad formats from your competition, it is time to leverage your inspiration to set your campaign up for success. You can easily share individual ads or boards with graphic designers or video editors tasked with creating your new LinkedIn ads.

Bonus: Building a LinkedIn Swipe File

Foreplay does so much more to help you run and manage a successful LinkedIn marketing camping. As you become more well versed in managing your ad account, you will need to continue creating new ads for a upcoming campaign. That's where a swipe file comes in.

A swipe file is a ever-growing collection of advertising, copy or design inspiration that you can reference on a regular basis when you need to launch a new campaign.

Foreplay is the best way to create and manage your LinkedIn swipe file but can also be useful if you are looking to save content from other platforms.

Questions about LinkedIn Advertising

Does LinkedIn have an Ad Library?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not have a Chrome Extension similar to Facebook.

What types of Ads does LinkedIn Support?

Like many other advertising platforms you can run various different types of ads. Here is a list of the different ad creative styles;

  • Single Image Ad
  • Carousel Image Ad (2 to 10 cards)
  • Video Ad (3 seconds to 30min in duration)
  • Text Ad (Images Optional)
  • Dynamic Ad (Personalized Messaging)
  • Sponsored Messaging (Message + Conversation)

You can see more details about LinkedIn's ad formats by following this guide.  

What is a good CTR on LinkedIn ads?

According to LinkedIn's Newsletter he benchmark for LinkedIn CTR (click-through-rate) is 3.2% and anything over 7% would be considered "stellar".

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