The Swiss-Army knife for
Creative Strategy

Your ad creative process is a mess of folders, sheets and documents. Enjoy having a purpose built tool by your side from ad idea to iteration.

The default

Ad Creative Workflow


Inspire your designers & editors with a click

Good inspiration is worth a billion words. Communicate your vision with a single click. No more screen shots.

Ad Specs

Get the content you want in the sizes you need

Easily outline your ad specs and automatically generate a detailed deliverables list for your creative team.

Story Templates

Crush through writers block

Leverage proven copywriting frameworks to catapult yourself into creative flow and write high-converting ads with ease.

Content Submission

Ads delivered to you
on a silver platter

Stop chasing, downloading and syncing. Allow your creators to submit their ads directly to your ad brief. Perfect for managing UGC campaigns.

Asset Review

Coming Soon

Be heard with time-stamped video feedback

Go from V1.mp4 to V4_finnal_2.mp4 without an endless email thread. Easily provide creative feedback with version control.

Communicate your vision and
never miss a deadline

Effectively communicate what you need at the time of hand-off. Reduce back and forth and get more ads to testing.

Inside Every Brief

Creative Metadata
Size Requirements
Platform Requirements
Product Details
Target Audience
Brand Profile
Video / Image Files
Music Direction
Ad Copy
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Make a winning brief

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Popular Questions

What is Creative Strategy?

In the world of digital marketing a Creative Strategist is a role that combines art and science. They are dynamic hybrid individuals that link the media buying and planning team with the creative department.

Can I save ads from Instagram?

Instagram ads are a part of the Meta (Facebook) ecosystem. All Instagram ads can be seen and saved in the Facebook Ad Library.

Will the ads I save stay forever?

Yes! Ads saved stay inside your foreplay account forever, even if they get taken down. We even track if the ad is still running and how long it has been active on the company's ad library page.

What is Facebook Ad Library?

The Meta Ad Library (Previously known as Facebook Ad Library) is a place where you can search and view ads across all Meta/Facebook Products including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. You can access the Facebook Ad Library using this link.

What is TikTok Creative Center?

The TikTok Creative Center (also known as TikTok Ad Library) is a place for you to discover what is trending on TikTok. This ranges from popular sounds and Top Ads. The TikTok Creative Center is a very valuable place for TikTok ad inspiration.

How do I use the Facebook Ad Library?

The Facebook Ad Library is a tool that can be used in many ways for tasks ranging spying on your competitors ads to political transparency research. If you are looking to get the most of the FB Ad Library I recommend reading our 2022 Facebook Ad Library Guide.