Creative-First Ad Spying

Spyder does the heavy lifting of competitor tracking - allowing you to dial in and execute your creative genius.

meta ad library scraper

24/7 Ad Library Scraper

Never miss a beat. Save every ad your competitors launch with enriched metadata.

competitor ad reports

Automated Competitor Reporting

Automatically receive a competitor summary delivered directly to you or your client’s inbox.

winning ad hooks

Discover Winning Hooks

Spyder automatically transcribes, analyzes, and presents winning hooks for you to test.

Leveraging Competitor Insights

Spyder extracts and analyzes your competitor's entire ad account, meaning you get a birds eye view to identify opportunities.

ad library scraper screenshot

Get a real-time view of all your competitors Facebook ads, saved forever. Uncover  data behind competitors facebook ad campaigns.

ad creative testing screenshot

Understand how the latest trends, content styles, and formats compete against each other in competitor facebook ad campaigns.

landing page spy screenshot

Uncover what offers, ad copy and landing pages are receiving the most ad spend and creative distribution.

How to save ads browser illustration

Spyder is the only ad spy tool that automatically extracts top-performing hooks. Beyond ad formats understand messaging and sentiment.

ad spy timeline view

Track both live and inactive ads - filter ads and visualize lifespan timeline to reverse engineer advertising strategies.

"We operate in a highly competitive market, and every time I use Spyder, it feels like an unfair advantage. We have been using it since beta, and easily 90% of our winning ads come from Spyder insights."
Stephen Hakami
Founder @ Wiza

Spyder Ad Spy Features

No ad-ons or feature gating. Spyder is category-defining ad intelligence with more than you thought you needed.

Creative Distribution

Know how many images, videos, and carousels are running at a glance. 

Real-Time Status

Know how many images, videos, and carousels are running at a glance.

Landing Page Insights

Know what landing pages are getting the most spend.

Time Travel / Historical Data

Go back in time to see your competitors's ad creatives 3, 6, or 12 months back.

Share Competitor Reports

Conduct competitor analysis and easily share your findings with colleagues or clients.

Identify Winning Ads

Analyze and compare an ad campaign to identify winners.

Slack & Email Updates

Like having a full-time private investigator get timely ad creative updates.

Track Creative Tests

Bundle and track competitors' ads launched together.


Start your 7-Day free trial to start automated ad spying.

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"Spyder has saved us hours - allowing us to track & stockpile ads from all our client's competitors so we're always on the cutting edge of the industry. Would recommend to every ad agency or advertiser period."
Blake Bauer
CEO @ JetAds

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Competitor Tracking Resources

Learn how to leverage ad creative competitor tracking to level up your creative workflow and ship more winning ads.

Ad Spy Tool Questions

Find answers to common Facebook ad spy and creative strategy questions here. If your question isn't listed, please contact us for further assistance.

How long can I access the tracked ads?

Unlike the Facebook's Ad Library, Spyder saves all tracked ads forever. From the moment you start tracking a brand, you will have access to all its ads indefinitely.

How does Spyder help with Facebook ad spying?

Spyder automates the tracking of your competitors' ads, providing you with detailed insights and real-time analysis, so you can focus on executing own marketing strategies.

What is Spyder Meta Ad Spy?

Spyder Meta Ad Spy is a Facebook ad spy tool that allows you to track every ad your competitors launch, extract insights, and gain inspiration from their creative strategy.

Will the ads expire like in Facebook Ad Library?

No, that's the beauty of using Spyder. From the moment you start tracking a brand will Spyder, you will have access to all the ads forever.

Will Spyder track instagram ads in addition to Facebook Ads?

Yes, the Foreplay Facebook ad scraper will save all ads a brand is running on meta products including Instagram.

How many brand’s ads can I scrape?

Across all plans, you can scrape 2 brands for free. Additional packages are outlined on our pricing page.

Creative Workflow Beyond Ad Spying

Spyder is your competitor research launchpad - check out Foreplay’s complete suite of creative strategy tools.