High-Converting Facebook & TikTok Ad Formats from Savannah Sanchez

High-Converting Facebook & TikTok Ad Formats from Savannah Sanchez

In a digital age where consumer attention is gold, and we are all sprinting to the end of the rainbow - media buyers and creative strategists are constantly looking for innovative strategies to captivate audiences.

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Savannah Sanchez's webinar, "Stop the Scroll: Top Performing Formulas for High Converting Ad Creatives in 2024," offers a treasure trove of compelling creative formats that you can use to grow your business with paid social.

In this article we are going to dive deeper into these ad formats, and examples and break down their their applicability across various industries and the nuances that make them so effective.

Who is Savannah Sanchez?

Savanah Sanchez on Stage at Affiliate World Source: Banknotes

Savannah Sanchez, also known as the Social Savannah, is a beacon for e-commerce brands navigating the complex waters of digital advertising. With a focus on TikTok ad creative strategies and Meta ad creatives, expertise of her and her team of creative strategists & UGC creators produce 100s of ads per week, leveraging cutting-edge formats to drive engagement and conversions.

High-Converting Ad Formats You Need to Test

The importance of having a varied arsenal of ad formats in your account cannot be overstated. As consumer behaviors shift and platform algorithms evolve, the ability to adapt and test different creative strategies becomes crucial for staying ahead. Here are some of Savanah’s go-to ad formats:

Solo Skit

Ideal for: Fashion, Beauty, and Personal Care Products

Solo skits, where a single actor takes on multiple roles, are perfect for storytelling. This format can vividly demonstrate product benefits or address common customer pain points in a relatable and engaging manner. Birthed from TikTok creators, this is a very organic feeling style of ad with the benefit of also being comical.

"It's one person that's playing the role of multiple characters...typically a really high watch time and also, of course, a great conversion rate." - Savannah Sanchez


Ideal for: Tech Gadgets, Educational Services, and E-commerce

The versatility of the greenscreen ad format allows brands to creatively showcase their products against various backdrops or highlight features in a visually compelling way. It's particularly effective for products where context or environment plays a key role in the user experience.

"There's really so many ways to use the green screen, but I would say it has to be a staple in your ad account." - Savannah Sanchez

What I Ordered, Vs What I Got

Ideal for: Fashion, Online Retailers, and Subscription Services

This format leverages the power of social proof and authenticity, addressing the skepticism often associated with online shopping. It's especially effective for industries where product quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.

"Giving them that social proof of, yes, you may have seen this product everywhere online, but when I tried it in real life, it is actually worth the hype." - Savannah Sanchez

Fake Podcast Ads

Ideal for: Educational Products, Books, and Thought Leadership

Mimicking a podcast format can lend credibility and intrigue, making it suitable for products or services that benefit from in-depth discussion or endorsement by thought leaders. In addition to the credibility building value this ad format also carries it's weight because of how well it captures the viewers attention. We have been programedto understand that podcast clips that go viral ... should be interesting. Use this gut reaction to your own advantage.

"It adds that social proof of, Oh, someone on a podcast is endorsing a product that it must be good." - Savannah Sanchez

"I Saw This on TikTok"

Ideal for: Viral Products, Trendy Gadgets, and Youth-Oriented Brands

Capitalizing on the FOMO effect, this format is great for products that are gaining traction on social media, appealing to audiences looking to stay on top of trends.

Fun Facts Ads

Ideal for: Educational Apps, Niche Products, and Health Supplements

Sharing fun facts can pique curiosity and offer value, making this format effective for products that have unique features or benefits that may not be widely known.

"You can share the most important part about your product or service in a very concise way and a way that is...entertaining." - Savannah Sanchez

3 Reasons Why

Ideal for: Almost Any Industry

This straightforward format is universally applicable, allowing brands to succinctly communicate their value proposition. It's particularly useful for products with clear, distinct benefits that set them apart from competitors.

"You can share the top three reasons why you should purchase in less than 30 seconds." Savannah Sanchez


Ideal for: Tech Products, Financial Services, and Beauty Brands

A side-by-side comparison can effectively highlight a product's superiority over competitors or previous versions, making it ideal for industries where innovation and improvement are continuous.

"Comparing to a competitor or comparing to an inefficient way of doing something is an extremely effective ad format." - Savannah Sanchez

Car Testimonial

Ideal for: Lifestyle Products, Apps, and Services

The authenticity of a car testimonial can resonate deeply with viewers, making it suitable for products that integrate seamlessly into the consumer's lifestyle or daily routine.

"Something about being in the car just makes it look so authentic and makes it not look like an ad." - Savannah Sanchez

ASMR Facebook Ads

Ideal for: Beauty Products, Food Brands, and Relaxation Tools

ASMR ads tap into sensory experiences, offering a unique way to engage viewers. This format is particularly effective for products that can be experienced audibly or visually in a soothing manner.

"People will stay to watch ASMR's something that if it makes sense for a client, I will absolutely test." - Savannah Sanchez

Concluding Savannah's Top Ad Formats you Should Test in 2024

The insights from Savannah Sanchez's webinar underscore the importance of creativity and strategic thinking in digital advertising. By tailoring these high-converting ad formats to their specific industries and understanding the nuances that drive engagement, brands can craft campaigns that not only stop the scroll but also convert viewers into loyal customers.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable will be key to leveraging these innovative formats for maximum impact.

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