January 001: Save Instagram Ads on Mobile

January 001: Save Instagram Ads on Mobile

Since Foreplay’s inception EVERYBODY wanted to save ads on mobile. But, I had no idea how we would do it … until now. 3 weeks ago I had a call with a customer and they showed me a system they built for their VA to manually go and save ads they sent in their company group chat. Although I was impressed, enough was enough. That day we shifted most of our efforts to figure out how we can make this happen for you.

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How to Save Ads from Instagram Mobile

1. Download the Foreplay Mobile App

2. Validate your IG Account

a) Open the side menu
b) Tap "Account Settings"
c) Enter your IG handle
d) Send your verification code to @foreplay_co IG DMs

3. Choose a board to have your mobile saves sent to

4. Save ads by  DMing them to our company account (@foreplay_co) with support for the following post types;

  • Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Organic Posts
  • Instagram Reels / Reel Ads

Confirmation Messages and Errors

Like with any new feature I am sure there will be some road bumps along the way. If you run into any issues please reach out to support so we can make sure this works perfectly for every edge case.

The entire team is pumped for this feature to be in your hands and it has quickly became my most beloved feature on the platform (I’ve been using it every day).

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