October 001: Loom Links, Brief Templates & Table View

October 001: Loom Links, Brief Templates & Table View

Without a clear and concise brief, the creative process can stumble into ambiguity and uncertainty. Today we are launching three new updates to Foreplay Briefs to help you write better, faster and more detailed ad briefs.

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Loom Links in Briefs

We saw so many of you using Loom links in the description of your Briefs to ad more context and direction for your creators. Now you can embed a Loom link directly into the brief share page. Under the "Modular Details" section you will now see a new widget to paste your share link.

Table View & Script View for Storyboards

Simply put, you can now edit your storyboard in 3 different views including;

  • Card Grid - A traditional storyboard layout
  • Table View - Similar to editing scripts in a Spread Sheet
  • Script View - Edit your storyboard as easy as editinga script

New Storyboard Templates

Finally, we added templates to the storyboard section. This allows you to easily load in the most common direct-response ad structures to kick-off your creative strategy. Soon we will be added an easy way to save your own custom templates.

That's all I have for you this week. Stay tuned for the end of the month where we have something SUPER exciting dropping.

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