November 001: Our New Chrome Extension!

November 001: Our New Chrome Extension!

When we first imagined Foreplay, saving ads from Facebook and Tiktok Ad Libraries was central to this idea. Our Chrome extension is our marque product feature that helps marketers source inspiration directly from these ad libraries and save them immediately to their swipe files and ad boards, just a few clicks. We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just 10x’ed that experience with our Foreplay Chrome Extension 2.0.

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30 Second Summary
  • Same Blue Button, way more features when saving ads.
  • Foreplay’s floating Sidecar and updated menu.
  • Saving ads across multi boards.
  • Historical feed of saved ads.

NEW Foreplay Chrome Extension 2.0

Foreplay users have clicked “Save Ad” over 2 million times, contributing to the internet's largest curated ad community. It has become the best way to save ads directly from Facebook, Tiktok, and a growing number of social channels.

We’ve added dropdown functionality right into the button. Drop downs add extra organization, allowing you to search and filter for your boards and folders. Another big source of feedback we’ve received is the ability to save to multiple boards. Now under your boards you can multi-select and save to multiple boards in one-click.

Once you’ve saved an ad, our blue button turns green to let both you and your team know that this ad has already been saved. This works incredibly well if you’re working on a team avoiding duplication and double saving ads. After you’ve saved an ad you’ll be able to get a direct link back to your saved ad in Foreplay.

The Floating Foreplay Sidecar

The Foreplay Logo now acts as your floating Sidecar across ad libraries. You can drag and reposition to where it fits best on the page. Once clicked it’ll open up our new look menu with more insights and quick links.

New Chrome Extension Sidecar

Especially on Facebook’s Ad Library, our Sidecar menu will provide more insights about the brand, you’ll be able to see

  • How many ads have been saved by the community,
  • insights into this their landing pages,
  • and media mix

Manage and create new boards.

We’ve improved our ability to manage boards right in the Sidecar. Under board settings you’ll be able to change your default board, helping you quickly go on an ad saving spree to your designated default board. Creating new boards has also been made easier in the Sidecar.

Check your saved history

To help you manage your saved ads, the new History tab in the Sidecar menu give you an up-to-date feed on your saved ads across your team. Quick links are provided to each ad for easy reference.

The Sidecar is best used on Facebook Ad Library, but we’re working towards enabling better functionality across a growing number of social platforms including:

  • Instagram Organic on Desktop,
  • Google Transparency Center,
  • YouTube In-Feed,
  • LinkedIn Ad Library,
  • and Pinterest Ad Library

To download or update to our new Chrome Extension 2.0 visit the Chrome Store here

As a gift for reading this far: give us a 5-star review in the chrome store and tell us at customer service and we'll give you a 20% discount off your next month's bill.

Zachary Murray

Founder of

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