How to Use Foreplay

Foreplay is the best way to save, organize and share advertising inspiration. This is a guide on how to get started using Foreplay to accelerate your advertising endeavours.

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Account and Browser Setup

Create an Account: Visit our Sign Up page to create an account using an email + secure password or your Gmail account.

Download the Chrome Extension: Visit this link to download our Google Chrome Extension. Once downloaded, you will be automatically redirected to login to your Foreplay account. Now, when you go to Facebook Ad Library, you will see a “Save to Foreplay” button.

If you don’t use Google Chrome you can still save ads as explained in the “How to Save and View Ads” section of this post.

Disable Ad Blocker: To ensure Facebook Ad Library and Foreplay work properly, we recommend disabling ad blocker if you use one. Then you can start using Foreplay.

How to Save and View Ads

Once you find an ad you would like to save in Facebook Ad Library you can save it to Foreplay by two ways. When you save an ad to Foreplay, it will be stored forever in the cloud, even if the ad becomes inactive.

  1. Chrome Extension - with Chrome Extension installed, simply click the blue “Save to Foreplay” button on the Facebook Ad Library page. The ad will save in the background and be automatically saved to your Library. *Do not leave or refresh the page while the ad is saving.
  2. FB Ad Library Link - When in Facebook ad library, click the [...] button in the top right corner of an ad and then click “Copy Ad Link”. Inside Foreplay, click the [+ New Ad] button. This will launch a pop-up window, paste the link in one of the 5 slots and then click save.

View Ad Copy + More: While using Foreplay, you’ll see that it saves additional ad meta data including Ad Copy, CTA Type, Link URL, Industry, Display Format and Publisher Platform. To see this data, click the “view more” icon in the top right of an ad.

Add Notes to an Ad: When the ad detail pop-up opens, you can add notes or directions to your team in the “notes” text box. The content in this text box will automatically save and be included in share links.

Share an Ad: When the ad detail pop-up opens, click the blue [Share] button at the bottom of the ad pop-up window. View the ad pop-up window by clicking the “view more” icon in the top right of an ad.

How to Use Boards

We use boards to organize the ads we save. You can create an unlimited number of boards for different ad styles, industries, clients etc.

Create a Board: Click the [+New Board] button from any page. Create a name and add a description (optional)

Save Ads to a Board: you can either choose this while you are saving the ad, or after the ad is saved using the dropdown under each ad. An ad can be added to none, 1 or multiple boards.

Share a Board: While viewing a board, click the [Share Button]. This will generate a public URL for you to share with anyone, even if they don’t have a Foreplay account.

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