Introducing Foreplay 2.0

Introducing Foreplay 2.0

One year ago, we became Foreplay, a reimagined yet simple way to collaborate on ad creative. The past 12 months have been incredible, going from a few hundred customers to a few thousand. In that time, we have launched significant features like Discovery, Briefs Beta, Foreplay Experts, along with 100's of minor updates and improvements. All of that pales compared to the massive update we’re launching today; we’re calling it Foreplay 2.0, our most significant update yet, with over 100 new features and improvements.

foreplay 2.0 graphic
30 sec summary icon
30 Second Summary

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Now, let's get into how to leverage these updates to supercharge your ad creative workflow.


Firstly, you will have noticed some branding and name changes. Here’s some color as to what we were thinking:

  • “Library” is becoming “Swipe File”; we think this is much more clear given the functionality of the application, and “Library” was being confused with “Discovery” among new users.
  • “Manual Upload” will now be known as “Bulk Upload,” as it was unclear to users that you could upload multiple assets simultaneously.
  • “Solo” subscription plans are becoming “Inspiration,” and “Team” accounts will be known as “Full Workflow” (more details about this in the pricing section of this blog post).

Foreplay Turbocharged

turbo graphic
Foreplay now loads 5x as fast

The first thing you will notice when using the new version of Foreplay is the speed. We have re-engineered our entire Library & Discovery to load at 5x the rate, enabling us to build some exciting new features.

Hover Scrub

You can quickly sift through your library with the new hover scrub feature. Simply hover over the black box at the bottom of any video to reveal the timecode and quickly scrub through the ad.

hoverscrub ad creative
Hover scrub all videos in Foreplay

Re-Designed Sidebar

The foreplay sidebar has been re-designed to give you more space for boards & folders. Settings, product updates, help & more can be found by clicking on your user avatar.

new foreplay sidebar
New Foreplay sidebar

Coming soon to Sidebar

  • Sub-folders: Soon you will be able to ad nested folders.
  • Showing folders within the Chrome Extension when saving.
  • Search bar being added for your folders, board ad Briefs.

Briefs Official Launch

Turning your ad inspiration into action has been on our minds for a while now (almost a year), and we finally have a meaningful product that will save you and your team countless hours and make you more creative. This post will outline the most meaningful features, learn about the entire product here.

Creation and Management

creating a ad brief
Create briefs to manage timelines & statuses.

Creating and managing your briefs is simple. Inherit your own file naming conventions and set the following directly from the "All Briefs" page or the "Brief Editor";

  • Due Date
  • Status (To Do, In Progress, Needs Review, Completed)
  • General Description

Brand Profiles

You can inject reusable mission-critical content with brand profiles with a single click. Eliminating the headache of keeping multiple brands … well…. on brand.

create advertising brand profiles
Create & manage brand profiles.

Brand profiles include the following fields: 

  • Brand name
  • Logo & colors
  • Phonetic pronunciation
  • Brand guidelines (external link)
  • Fonts (external link)
  • Music genres
  • Brand voice & personality
  • Tagline
  • Mission statement
  • Web Properties (links & socials)
  • Brand assets (multi link)
  • Additional information (rich text field)

Attaching Inspiration

We have reimagined the way you attach ad inspiration to your Brief. Simply browse your library via the pop-up modal and select the ads you want to embed in your ad Brief.

attach swipe file inspiration
Attaching Swipe File inspiration to your Brief

Modular Details

The bridge between performance teams & creatives can only be crossed with communication.

ad brief UI screen
Modular drag & drop ad brief editor

We built the modular deliverables section to enable your team to craft the perfect level of detail in a few clicks, including;

  • Description
  • Size & Aspect Ratios
  • Format
  • Target Duration
  • Platforms
  • Content Style
  • Products
  • Assets & Files
  • Music & Sound

AI Script & Storyboard Generator

Perfect for UGC and dialogue-focused advertising, the new AI script generator works to help you re-write video scripts like magic with AI.

AI Script Writer

ai script writer UI
Turn a piece of video inspiration into a script with 1 click.

With the initial launch, you will be able to input the following:

  • Brand Name
  • Product Name
  • Target Audience
  • Product Description
  • Output Language
ai ad script editor
Review your new AI script in comparison to the inspiration.

Your generated script will include:

  • Script Copy / Dialogue
  • Action / Scene Descriptions
  • Text Overlay Ideas

*On the first few days of launch, generating your new script may take up to 60 seconds. This will be improved by 500% in the coming weeks.

Storyboard Generator

Generate a storyboard with a single click.

With Foreplay, you can turn a script into a storyboard with a single click. We will take reference images from your inspiration video - but in the summer of 2023, we will auto-generate AI images you can use in your storyboard.

Magic Rewrite

magic script re-writer
Generate endless versions of individual scenes.

We have all been there; you wrote a hook, but… it’s wrong. Now you can stop pulling your hair out and effortlessly generate unlimited new ideas for each scene with a single click.

Share Pages

ad brief share page
Share your brief with anyone.

Your Brief is the most powerful when it’s in the hands of your creators. With a link, share Briefs both internally and externally. Briefs also include your business' information, including branding, the creator of the Brief, and contact information.

Check out an example brief here.

Asset Collection

ad asset submissions UI
Collect assets from the brief share page.

Collecting assets from numerous creators can be a messy chain of email threads and DMs. With Foreplay Briefs, the creator can upload one or multiple files directly to the brief. On the backend, you can see who submitted the content and when.

Coming Soon to Briefs

  • Export to PDF & Google Slides
  • Export to Timeline
  • Storyboard Versioning / Iteration (From Within a Single Brief)
  • Project management integrations (Notion, Monday, Asana)
  • Kanban board view
  • Filters on the "All Briefs" page
  • Custom Templates


Our Discovery Library is by far the most extensive community-curated ad library in the world (thanks to rockstars like you), saving unique ads using Foreplay. Now that the library has reached over 500,000 ads (growing at 4-5k a day) it can be overwhelming. Here is how we are improving things: 

Improved AI Search

Today, the largest update to discovery is an update to the search. We have updated how our AI model categorizes videos and have changed parameters in the search to better match ads with what you are looking for.

Try out the all-new search.

Discovery Personalization (Coming Summer 2023)

personalized ad inspiration
Customized email notifications of winning ads.

Coming mid-summer 2023, Discovery will be getting a complete overhaul (think Netflix for ad inspiration). This release will include:

  • Personalized collections (curated daily).
  • Collections for upcoming holidays & events.
  • A customizable email notification with content inspiration tailored to what you saved in the past.

Personalized discovery is coming later this summer. Join our community Slack for early access.

Spyder Automatic Scraper

Automatically scrape your competitors FB ad library.

*Coming summer 2023*

Right now, Foreplay is the best way to crystallize competitor creative research, BUT as marketers, we are all juggling a million tasks. That’s why we are building Spyder, an automatic scraper for Facebook Ad Library.

Spyder will allow you to keep track of new ads published by competitors automatically while giving you insights on:

  • Media mix by creative medium.
  • Commonalities & sentiment (powered by AI).
  • Ad creative fatigue rate.

Spyder is coming later this summer. Join our community Slack for early access.

Merch Launch

On the back burner for a while now we have wanted to launch some fun merch (that you actually want to wear). The first launch consists of "Brief Baddie" and "Brief Daddy" crewnecks to commemorate the launch of briefs in addition to 4 t-shirts inspired by some of my favourite vintage advertising.

Use code "foreplaylaunch" for 10% off the first week of the merch store being live at

Changes to Plans

Our current pricing didn’t make much sense, so we are making changes to reduce team friction, allowing anyone to invite more users across all subscription tiers.

foreplay updated pricing

We are re-naming our plans. "Solo" will become "Inspiration" and "Team" will become "Full Workflow".

An easy way to look at it is our $49/mo plan is getting all the value of the $99/mo plan and now the $99/mo plan is getting the fully-featured Briefs product.

We also allow annual plans to now be self-serve with a 10% discount. You can see more about pricing here.

Zachary Murray

Founder of

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