August 001: Dashboard, Grid Customization & More

August 001: Dashboard, Grid Customization & More

Since the release of 2.0, I have been lucky enough to speak to customers every day, so many of you with incredible ideas on how the platform can evolve. The entire team is stoked and incredibly grateful for your feedback.To ensure speed and quality, we will move into doing bi-weekly release schedules to ship new hallmark features, while announcing minor platform improvements and bug fixes.

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30 Second Summary
  • We launched the new Dashboard Page inside the app.
  • New "Stared Board" feature.
  • You can now display ad copy, headline & CTA in the grid.
  • Save ads from the new TikTok ad library page.
  • Download thumbnails from ads to your desktop.

We call it Foreplay Ships, and you are on the inaugural flight. With that, let’s get into everything new coming to the platform.

New Features ✨


The Foreplay dashboard will become the central place where you can manage your team, creative research, integrations and briefs from one place. I am not sure why we didn’t think of this sooner… but it’s here now.

creative strategy dashboard
All-New Foreplay Dashboard

Swipe File for Dashboard

swipe file for dashboard
🚥 Saving Extension Status

Since Foreplay does not have a direct integration with the ad platforms, if they change something on the front end, we need to update our Chrome extension. Now you will be able to see the status of each platform so you know when something is under maintenance.

We will try to keep this list as green as possible and appreciate the patience y’all always have when we are chasing bugs.

⭐ Started Boards

Now you can star the board you use most. These boards will appear on the dashboard for easy access.

They will also be mirrored into a “Stared” folder in the side nav while also being accessible through the original folder.

Discovery for Dashboard

Ad Inspiration in Dashboard
Trending Ads & Favourite brands on your dash

📈 Trending Ads

The new trending ads card in your dashboard will display the most popular ads saved in the last 7 days. You also have the option to choose a language so you are only seeing ads you can understand. This is the first step on a much larger ad inspiration personalization project we are incredibly excited for.

💖 Favorite Brands

On the right side you will see a list of the brands you have favourited inside Discovery. It can be hard to keep track of new content, so we have also added a small tag indicating how many new ads have been saved since you last took a look.

Briefs for Dashboard

Inside the Briefs module you will see a list of brief that were most recently modified along with their status. On the right side, there is a list of the most recent asset submissions, clicking on them will bring you to the Brief, clicking the thumbnail will go to the download screen.

ad briefs in dashboard new feature
Manage creative pipeline from Dashboard

Save Ads from TikTok’s new Ad Library

We are excited to announce that you can now save ads from TikTok’s new transparency Library. To use this feature, ensure you have upgraded to version 1.3.1 of the Chrome Extension.

Access the new TikTok Ad Library:

Customize your Grid

For a while, the community has been requesting the ability to see the ad copy directly in the grid, and now you can! With the new “Visible” dropdown, you can toggle visibility for;

  • Ad Copy
  • Brand Details
  • Headline & CTA

Stackable Filters

As we added more filtering components to the app, it started getting messy. With the new filter dropdown, you can stack and clear your filters more easily. This update also includes filtering on the briefs page.

Download Ad Thumbnails

In addition to downloading the .mp4 of video ads, you can now download the thumbnail. This is accessible from the ad details drawer.

Bug Fixes 🐞

Chrome Extension Update

This month, both TikTok & Facebook changed their front end, causing a saving issue for 48hrs. Ensure you are on the most recent version 1.3.0

Discovery Video Loading

Some users were experiencing loading issues when scrolling deep into Discovery. This issue has been resolved; happy doom scrolling!

Missing Thumbnails

Some video ads saved from Facebook Ad Library were not correctly saved. This issue has been resolved with version 1.3.0 of the Chrome Extension.

Screen Flicker

The release of the new hover scrub feature caused screen flickering on some devices, this has been fixed and is now live.

Archived Briefs Issue

Fixed archived briefs not rendering if certain fields were missing.

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