13 Outstanding Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples

13 Outstanding Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples

Online marketing with platforms like Facebook Ads is one of the fastest and most capital-efficient ways to scale any business in 2023 and that statement remains true for Real Estate. From agents to brokers and even pre-construction sales, you can use the Meta advertising platform to grow your real estate business.

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30 Second Summary
  • Facebook ads offer a unique advantage for real estate agents, allowing precise targeting of local customers and hyper-personalized ad creative.
  • The visual nature of Facebook and Instagram makes it ideal for showcasing stunning real estate photography and video tours to capture attention.
  • Facebook ads provide an opportunity for relationship building and trust development with potential clients over time.
  • To run successful real estate ads on Facebook, create a Facebook Business Page, connect other meta platforms, define target leads, set a cost-per-lead, and use Facebook Ad Manager to create and optimize campaigns.
  • The Foreplay platform offers valuable resources for real estate ad inspiration, including access to the Facebook Ad Library, ad swipe files, and real-time insights from top real estate marketing professionals.

Once you have decided to try Facebook ads for your business, you probably ask yourself, "How do I run successful Facebook ad campaigns for real estate?" The truth is that this question is complex, and this article will give you a real estate advertising checklist to set you up for success, along with the best real estate Facebook ad examples you can use as inspiration. But first, in this informative blog, let's cover the top 3 reasons FB ads can work for your real estate business.

Why Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents?

Outside of the vast reach across meta-advertising platforms, there are a couple of specific reasons why Facebook might outperform other social advertising platforms. Here is why:

Target Local Customers

Real estate is traditionally a local-first business. Within the Facebook Ad Manager, you can set your target audience to be very specific - even to a specific neighborhood. This means you can be hyper-personalized with your ad creative and messaging.

Stunning Homes to Stop the Scroll

Facebook and Instagram are inherently very visual platforms; showcasing beautiful real estate photography and video tours is a surefire way to catch the attention of potential buyers or sellers.

Relationship building and Trust

Choosing someone to sell your home is very personal. Facebook ads allow you to get in front of people over time, allowing you to build trust so they remember your name when it is time to sell their home.

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How do you advertise your real estate services on Facebook?

Creating effective  real estate advertising can be very simple once you understand the basics. Here is a brief guide to everything you must have in place before publishing your first real estate ad and how to use Facebook marketing to skyrocket your business.

  • Create a Real Estate Facebook Business Page
  • Connect your other meta platforms (Instagram, Messenger, What's App etc)
  • Choose what kinds of real estate leads you to want to generate (Home buyers, Home sellers, real estate investors, etc.)
  • Create a target cost-per-lead
  • Set up your first Facebook Ad Campaign in Facebook Ad Manager
  • Choose a campaign objective (Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation, etc)
  • Deine your FB ad targeting (Location, age, demographics, interests)
  • Make your Facebook ad creative (Single Image Ads, Video ads, Carousel ads etc.)

How Much Does It Cost to Run Facebook Ads for Realtors?

Facebook is one of the world's most compelling digital advertising platforms, which remains valid for the real estate niche. Before diving into any investment, I am sure you are wondering how much it will cost to run real estate ads on Facebook, and the good news is that it might be lower than you think. Depending on your targeting, location, and competition, you can expect Facebook ads to cost between $4/lead and up to $100/lead. Unfortunately, the only way to find your actual FB ad cost benchmarks is to run some tests.

Spy on Your Realtor Competitors - Create An Ad Swipe File

Real estate advertising can be a competitive space; one of the best ways to perform competitively with real estate agents is to spy on what works for them, steal their marketing playbook, and improve it. Luckily, as digital marketers, Facebook released the Facebook ad library that allows you to spy on all the ads your competitors are running. All you need is the name of their Facebook business page.

Facebook Ad Library - Real Estate Search
Facebook Ad Library

If you want to learn how to use Facebook Ad Library to spy on your competition, we have written a complete FB ad library guide here.

The Facebook Ad Library is an amazing source for building your real estate marketing swipe file, which can be a key to your success in creating effective ad creative.

What is a real estate ad swipe file?

A real estate swipe file is a collection of top-performing ads you save and organize for future reference. Tools like Foreplay allow you to easily create swipe files from Facebook Ad Library and TikTok top ads with a single click when using the Chrome Extension.

Ad Inspiration Platform - Foreplay

Additionally, Foreplay has a Discovery tab that allows you to see other Facebook real estate ads that world-class creative strategists save in real time - think of it as a public library of winning Facebook ad inspiration from the world's leading real estate marketing professionals.

If you would like to find more winning real estate ads, Foreplay has a 7-day free trial you can sign up for here.

Real Estate Adverting Inspiration

If you feel stuck or uninspired when thinking about creating ads for your real estate business, look no further. Below you will find a gold mine of Facebook ad creative inspiration for everything from single-family real estate to property investment-focused ads.

1. Hook them with Luxury Facebook Real Estate Ads

Not everyone can be rich and famous but there is an inherent human desire to see where these people live. Think about it; there are insanely popular TV shows like Million Dollar Listing, where they follow luxury real estate agents.

Since real estate Facebook ads capture people's attention, leading with luxury can be a good marketing strategy. Serhant is running an ad like this to amplify its reach, build its brand and introduce itself to near-future home buyers with a virtual tour.

2. State of the Real Estate Market

If you target real estate investors with your Facebook or Instagram ads, you should consider promoting a real estate market update in your ad creative. This is a sound strategy because it positions you as a thought leader, gaining trust among current and future real estate investors both in your own market or internationally, as done in this ad by Space Real Estate.

Understanding the real value of some properties can be difficult for the public, so this is your chance to educate them. Often, people use the carousel ad format to showcase real estate metrics and benchmarks due to how easy they are to consume and share.

3. Ad Creative that pre-qualifies potential real estate prospective customers

Creative targeting is a term that means you use your video ad content to catch the attention of your target audience specifically. This ad by Aalto does an amazing job in the first few seconds by asking the viewer, "Are you pre-approved and ready to buy?" This ensures they hook the right viewer and pushes people who do not fit their buyer persona to keep scrolling.

The beneficial side effect of this Facebook ad watch time hack is that it can reduce your CPM by ensuring that only qualified buyers are watching your ad, helping the Facebook ad algorithm optimize in your favor.

This Facebook ad strategy and proper ad targeting can yield increased performance.

4. Property Listings Optimizing for More Leads

Consistent lead generation for both real estate agencies, brokerages, and individual real estate agents is crucial for long-term success and growth. Facebook offers a specific lead ad type that allows users to fill out a lead form directly within the Facebook or Instagram app.

Mixed with proper ad creative and a compelling offer, this strategy is an easy way for all real estate agencies to have a steady flow of highly qualified buyer leads for their live property listings. The bread and butter for lead ads will always be specific real estate listings that are currently on the market, as it will generate demand for your current inventory.

Take inspiration from this Facebook carousel ad by METRO Real Estate.

5. Real Estate Facebook ads featuring your Lawn Sign for those House hunting

Although you are trying to grow your real estate business using a modern digital marketing mix, it is important that these efforts also support your traditional marketing tactics. This ad by Purple Bricks featuring their lawn sign is a great way to leverage the reach of Facebook ads to propel brand awareness in their local city.

Brand awareness attached to your lawn sign means you will be more recognizable the next time you run an open house. Our opinion is that of you are only going to run one ad, make it be this one.

6. General Real estate education with FB Ads

The home buying process is scary to most; becoming a trusted real estate thought leader means teaching Facebook users something in your zone of genius will give them confidence that you can guide them through the largest purchase in their life. This ad by Innovative Mortgage Solutions is focused on communicating the benefits of owning a home over renting - hopefully building trust among current renters transitioning into home buyers.

7. Drive Real Estate Leads with a Free Home Valuation Ad

To develop high-performing ad campaigns, you want to market toward your audience's curiosity. Suppose you are trying to target potential buyers with your real estate advertising. In that case, a Facebook ad promoting a free home valuation is a great way to spark the interest of homeowners interested in making a move shortly.

If you run a home valuation ad, ensure you have a robust lead-capturing form built out where you can capture as much lead detail as possible, including the address of the home in question. This will allow you to build a direct mail database using Facebook ads which can be impactful for retargeting.

Geo-targeting with supporting ad copy like this ad from Real Estate with Anish is also key to finding success with a free home valuation ad campaign.

8. Optimizing Facebook CTR with a "Recently Sold" Ad

Real estate advertising promoting your "Just Sold" listings. By showcasing recently sold properties, agents can demonstrate their success in the industry and build trust with potential clients. Remember that the ad copy for these image ads catches a Facebook user's attention while offering social proof from the first touch point.

Additionally, by creating visually appealing ads with high-quality images and engaging copy, agents can capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers who may not have been actively searching for a real estate agent or property. Running Facebook ads for "Just Sold" listings is a cost-effective and efficient way for agents to build their brand, increase their visibility, and, ultimately, grow their business.

Using a Facebook messenger ad similar to this one from The L3 Real Estate is a fantastic way to make your "Just Sold" Facebook ads work.

9. Promoting your Real Estate Team with Facebook Ads

If you are in the business of promoting lead ads to fill your real estate team's pipeline, then bringing their likeness and personality to the forefront of your ad creative can be a sound strategy. By showcasing the experience and expertise of each team member, agents can demonstrate their collective ability to provide exceptional service to potential clients.

By focusing on company highlights and the entire team's skills, experience, and knowledge, agents can position themselves as a go-to resource while building personal rapport, as done in this 15-second video ad from the Faris Team Real Estate Brokerage. Remember that if you had an agent leave your team, introducing them to your current roster can promote repeat business.

10. Increase brand awareness for your personal profile

As a real estate agent, your brand can be a primary driver for your lead flow. If you are not shy in front of the camera, you should test a Facebook ads campaign with your personality front and center. With just a few words said directly to the camera, you can build trust amongst potential clients.

Your real estate advertising efforts do not need to be solely focused on the product you are selling; often, it is the personality of the agent people. They are deciding since real estate listings are on the open market. This ad from Tyler McLay does a great job of showing his personality while remaining professional.

Top Facebook Ad Types for Real Estate

  1. Video Ads (Property tours, educational content, or personal brand building)
  2. Single Image Ads (Luxury properties, on-market deals, or valuation examples)
  3. Carousel Ads (Real estate listings, state of the real estate marketing infographics)
  4. Event Ad (Local events or open houses you are running pushing to a facebook calendar event)

Primary KPIs and Goals with Real Estate Advertising

Understanding your ads performance is the key to scale. However, everyone starts their Facebook marketing journey with different goals and profit objectives. If you are starting with advertising, here are some core KPIs and marketing objectives you can set for your team using the Facebook ad manager's free report.

  • Website Traffic - Track the total amount of visitors to your website or landing page.
  • Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) - The amount of Facebook ad spend you are burning in relation to the number of leads you generate.
  • Ad Viewers - Track how many total views your video ads get monthly.

Concluding, How to find Facebook real estate ad inspiration

Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach their target audience and increase conversions. However, creating compelling Facebook ads can be challenging, especially if you're unsure where to start or what types of ads will resonate with your audience.

That's where the Foreplay platform comes in. This platform provides businesses access to various Facebook ad templates, each designed to help inspire and guide your ad creation process.

Using the Foreplay platform, you can browse your competition and create real estate swipe files. This can help you save time and effort when creating Facebook ads, as you won't need to start from scratch with every new campaign. In addition, the Foreplay platform can help ensure that your ads are visually appealing and optimized for engagement.

Overall, using the Foreplay platform for Facebook ad inspiration can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to create effective and engaging ads. By taking advantage of the platform's features and resources, you can save time, improve the quality of your ads, and ultimately drive better results for your business.

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