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How Uses Foreplay to Research, Plan & Execute their Creative Workflow

January 4, 2024

About is supercharging growth for Shopify brands with a next generation subscription app. Optimized for every customer touch point they are known for not only increasing lifetime value (LTV) of subscribers but also reducing churn and incentivising expansion opportunities of shopify subscription programs. Alexa Kilroy the Director of Marketing at and has leveraged Foreplay to organize and operationalize their GTM across paid ads and even messaging. 

“It’s actually insane how much of a difference Foreplay has made on my ad strategy &  process. It feels like I’ve gone from tortoise to warp speed - just eliminating all the things that senselessly wasted my time.”

Alexa Kilroy, Director of Marketing, Stay Ai

Pre-Foreplay Challenges

Before adopting Foreplay, Alexa encountered several challenges in her marketing workflow:

1. A Chaotic Workflow

Like any marketer, Alexa collects advertising inspiration on a daily basis and her ad-saving process was scattered across multiple platforms screenshots on her desktop, Google Drive folders, Slack channels and even random Figma files. More than the unnecessary cognitive load or wasted time searching for “that ad with great copy I saved last week” it means that her inspiration and insights are never actually implemented when the strategic work needed to be done. 

2. Hurdles Blocking Collaboration

Collaborating with her design and ad teams became cumbersome when attempting to share ad inspirations. Valuable ads would often disappear, even when the links she saved from Facebook Ad Library would expire. There were multiple catastrophic trip wires between having a need for new ad creative, and mobilizing the team to make it happen. 

3. Competitor Research Complexity

Alexa's competitor research was time-consuming and inefficient. She juggled multiple ad library tabs, struggled to locate competitors' ads, and lacked an efficient way to organize or categorize the ads she saved. Not to mention, her insights were siloed to when she had time to do research, missing out key insights that expired while she did the rest of her job. 

"My process before Foreplay was absurd. It was time-consuming, with files scattered everywhere, and difficult to manage. I was eagerly awaiting a tool like Foreplay to enter the market. I needed a solution to make my process more efficient, and I was actively exploring Google Chrome extensions to help me manage all this"

Alexa Kilroy, Director of Marketing, Stay Ai

Transforming Alexa’s Workflow with Foreplay

Catalyzing Efficiency in Alexa's Creative Strategy

Foreplay. became the catalyst for change, dramatically enhancing Alexa's creative strategy process. It unlocked in-depth competitor insights, simplified collaboration with her ad creation and deployment team, and provided quick and easy access to the inspiration she sought. It not only helped organize the hard work, it enabled it to be done. 

"It's incredible how much of a difference Foreplay has made in my ad strategy and process. It feels like I've gone from a tortoise to warp speed, eliminating all the time-wasting steps. Now, using Foreplay regularly, I'm far more in tune with our competitors, the successful ads in B2B paid social, and how B2B e-commerce companies shape their marketing funnels. 

These insights have significantly impacted Stay's digital marketing strategy. Foreplay also keeps me informed about e-commerce trends, enabling me to create better content and provide informed strategies for Stay Ai's clients." 

Alexa Kilroy, Director of Marketing, Stay Ai

Discovering Strategic Ad Inspiration

To streamline her ad inspiration discovery process, Alexa uses Foreplay. She leverages Foreplay's Discovery feature, filters by niche and industry, and uncovers ads from companies similar to Stay Ai across TikTok, Meta, and LinkedIn.

Crystalizing Insights from Anywhere

Alexa relies on Foreplay's Chrome extension to save ads seamlessly while browsing online. This means whenever she sees outstanding creative in the wild, she can make a deposit into their creative teams bank meaning they never have a shortage of high-performing content ideas to produce. 

Effortless Organization

Alexa no longer wasting time, Alexa organizes her Swipe File into different boards and folders such as “B2B” and “DTC”. From there, she uses tags on each ad based on the ad content, performance and where they could potentially utilize this concept int their funnel. 

Exploring & Analyzing B2B Marketing Funnels

Alexa uses Spyder from Foreplay to delve into B2B marketing funnels with ease. She explores landing pages and examines the lead submission experience for competitor brands and other SaaS companies. This exploration fuels her inspiration for enhancing Stay's lead-generation funnel through paid social strategies.

Sharing Concepts with Outsourced Teams

Foreplay simplifies the collaborative process for Alexa. She can seamlessly share a public or private board with anyone internally or externally, granting her designers, ad copywriters, and agency team access to saved ads and notes. This frictionless sharing ensures that everyone works efficiently towards common goals.

"I'm immensely thankful to have Foreplay as part of my tech stack. It simplifies my life and genuinely enhances my marketing skills and helps level up our team. If you're spending even $25/day on paid advertising, the value provided by Foreplay is unquestionably worth the monthly cost." 

- Alexa Kilroy, Director of Marketing, Stay Ai

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