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Timelines to shoot, edit, and launch new ads are tighter than ever before. Unfortunately, music is usually an afterthought and the crucial stage of sound design always get's cut.

With AdTrax we flip this process on its head, enabling you to start with pre-built, professional sound design & music in the simplicity of a single audio file.

Accelerate your production process

We understand the struggle of searching thousands of songs trying to find something to use for a quick facebook ad or instagram story.

Never the less, once you find one with the perfect vibe ... it never fits your timeline.

Each AdTrax song comes with a 00:05, 00:15 and 00:30 second version. Say goodbye to those awkward cross-fade endings!

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Use any AdTrax, anytime for any video.
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All AdTrax are 100% original compositions.
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Pay once, and use AdTrax for a lifetime.

Save 85%

When you buy the AdTrax bundle, get lifetime access to all 10 songs!
00:05, 00:15 and 00:30 versions in an organized file.

Built with you in mind.

Unlike stock music, AdTrax was built with the marketer and editor in mind. Here are a few things people have to say about using AdTrax.

"As a D2C agency owner, we are always victim to our clients timeline. AdTrax has been a life saver for client requests at 4:00pm on a Friday."
Wes St. Amand
Founder - Disrupt Media Marketing
"Even with subscriptions to sites like Artlist.io I find myself grabbing for AdTrax whenever producing FB or instagram content."
Alex Te
Content Creator

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Anatomy of an AdTrack

Structured to make your life a breeze

00:30 Version
Scroll Stopper
Product Reveal
00:07 - 00:20
Moments to Cut Throughout
Main CTA
Logo Bumper
Layer 1
Music Bed
Music composed to evoke a specific type of mood or genre that is in alignment with the ad type.
Layer 2
Sound Design
Swooshes, hits, etc to motivate the cuts and pacing of the video ad.
Layer 3
Brand Elements
Logo bumpers, sound hooks at the beginning etc. All tracks will come with “stock” brand elements, but they are intended to be mixed and matched.

“Good ads make the world a better place”

Starting my career as a video editor and motion designer, I always wanted my work to look, feel and sound like a commercial. Even if it was a simple Instagram post!

Unfortunately, most projects don't have time or budget for professional sound design. I learned that lesson in full when building my own Shopify store. I needed to make new Facebook Ads every day ... new angles, new CTA's, and I was getting tremendously burnt out. What made it worse was I was no longer proud of my work. 

Sound design and music are often the last step in production, and therefore the first to get cut. 

I was tired of every Facebook ad sounding like it was composed on a fisher price keyboard or having an awkward crossfade at the end. 
With my creative batteries draining I searched for a solution... and I didn't find much so I built it. 

AdTrax is not a replacement for professional sound design. It is a tool to help you make better ads faster. 

Essentially... if you don’t have time or budget for proper sound design or music, for the love of God please use an AdTrax. I truly know it will improve your ad creation process. 

If you made it to the end of this wordvomit, use code “wordvommit” for an additional 10% off.

Now go make some killer ads.

Zachary Murray
Founder & Creative Director Foreplay.co