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Scrape & Track Facebook Ad Library

Track every ad your competitors launch to build a complete historical timeline of every ad creative they test.

Why do you need Spyder?

Let your competitors burn cash on your behalf. Every day, you are missing hundreds of insights you could be learning from your competitors - Spyder makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.


After Foreplay

Autopilot Competitor Tracking

Spyder does the heavy lifting of competitor tracking - allowing you to focus where your creative genius is needed.

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    24/7 Ad Library Scraper

    Never miss a beat. Spyder saves every ad your competitors launch, including copy and creative metadata.

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    Automated Competitor Reporting

    Automatically receive a competitor summary delivered directly to you or your client’s inbox.

  • creating a swipe file for competitor research

    Identify Creative Clusters

    See when and how your competitors running their creative testing.

Leveraging Competitor Insights

Spyder extracts and analyzes your competitor's entire ad account, meaning you get a birds eye view to identify opportunities.

"Foreplay is now my homepage. There is literally no better tool around to swipe ads and build boards of creative inspiration to share with my team. It easily saves us 1-2 hours per day."
Matthew Williams
CMO @ iStack / Affiliate World

Spyder Features

No ad-ons or feature gating. Spyder comes with the tools you need for A+ Facebook ad tracking.

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Creative Distribution

Know how many images, videos, and carousels are running at a glance.

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Real-Time Status

Understand how long competitor ads have been running.

Saving ad metadata

Keyword Analysis

Extract the highest impact keywords companies are using.

Saving ad metadata

Landing Page Insights

Know what landing pages are getting the most spend.

Saving ad metadata

Time Travel

Go back in time to see your competitor's ad creative 3, 6, or 12 months back.

Saving ad metadata

Folder Organization

Organize multiple competitors by product or client.

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“Foreplay empowers not only our team but, our clients success. Having a central Swipe File for creative strategy fosters out-of-the-box creative thinking, with world class organization to simply make more winning ads”
Tim Keen
Founder / CEO @ Loop.club

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Competitor Tracking Resources

Learn how to leverage ad creative competitor tracking to level up your creative workflow and ship more winning ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the ads expire like in Facebook Ad Library?

No, that's the beauty of using Spyder. From the moment you start tracking a brand will Spyder, you will have access to all the ads forever.

Will Spyder track instagram ads in addition to Facebook Ads?

Yes, the Foreplay Facebook ad scraper will save all ads a brand is running on meta products including Instagram.

How many brand’s ads can I scrape?

Across all plans, you can scrape 2 brands for free. Additional packages are outlined on our pricing page.

More Than Ad Spying

Spyder is a great tool in your winning ad process. Check out Foreplay’s complete suite of creative strategy tools.