Transforming Customer Care

Our Role

Animation & Motion Graphics
Creative Direction
Web Development

i. the Task

S&P Data is an industry leader in on-shore customer care. Like any industry, customer care is on its way to being more tech-enabled than ever before. With the changing industry, S&P Data had three new product offerings that needed a proper home on the web and in an Explainer Video.

ii. Our Approach

We left no stone unturned in developing a new look for the S&P website and explainer video to be used as a potent sales tool. We developed a modern, yet familiar look for both the explainer video and the new website.

iii. things we made

We developed a 60-second premium explainer video along with a new website built from the ground up on Webflow.

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iv. After the Foreplay

The S&P Data brand now has a defined digital look and presence that can grow along with their service offering. There is now a clearly defined home and explanation for all of their new tech-enabled services such as AIR (Ai Recruiting) , WFA (Work from Anywhere) and HALO (Hiring Accelerated Onboarding).

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