Swinging into D2C eCommerce

Our Role

Web Development
eCommerce Growth
Creative Direction

i. the Task

ENO is one of the world's most recognized names in Hammocks. Driven by a desire to have a D2C presence in Canada, we were tasked with developing the strategy, design, and maintenance of their  Canadian storefront.

ii. Our Approach

Pulling many design cues from their corporate guidelines, we developed a playful and robust design that allows users to shop their newest designs while reducing friction for returning customers to buy new accessories and replacement parts.

iii. things we made

ENO's new storefront is a custom theme built on Shopify in addition to email marketing.

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iv. After the Foreplay

With seamless integration with their 3PL, everything from order fulfillment to inventory tracking is 100% automated allowing them to serve wholesale customers. As demand grows, ENO plans to grow its D2C scale and capabilities.

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