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Discover your next Winning Ad

How much money are you leaving on the table right now? Say goodbye to feeling creatively stuck, get your creative juices flowing, and find your next ad idea that will scale to the moon.

  • facebook ads spy tool in the past ui

    Ad Creative Time Machine

    Since ads saved to Foreplay exist forever, travel back in time to see what brands were running in the past.

  • competitors advertisements in a feed

    Find Secret Competitors

    Use the deep product search to stumble upon unknown competitors and analyze their marketing strategy.

  • facebook ad spy tool for trending creatives

    Stay on-top of trends

    Unlock a real-time feed of top and trending creatives. Over +4000 new ads every day.

  • save facebook ad campaigns and ad creative

    Assemble your competitor hit-list

    Create a competitive research matrix and track competitor campaigns across multiple platforms.

Stop Wasting Time & Budget

How much money are you burning to test subjective ad concepts? Get a steady stream of winning ad inspiration at your fingertips.

"We love using Foreplay to share ads with the team, with our clients, and with creators. There's really no other solution as simple or as organized as Foreplay and we are really looking to scale our usage of it in 2022."
Tim Keen
Founder / CEO @

Your New Ad Spy Tool,
without the garbage

Traditional ad spy tools are like finding a needle in a haystack. Built for brands that deeply care about ad creative, Foreplay's Inspiration Library helps you find your next winning ad.

UI for AI search of facebook ads spy tools

AI Search Engine

Search by ad content and visuals to conduct in-depth research.

filter facebook ad spy tools by industry

Filter by Niche & Format

Discover specific ad types to help inform competitor analysis.

ad spy tools for multiple platforms including instagram, tiktok and linkedin

Filter by Platform

Deep dive ad creative by 1 or multiple platforms, including FB, Instagram, TikTok & LinkedIn.

see if the ad placement is still an active ad

Ad Activity Status

See how long FB ads have been running to find winning campaigns & winning products.

automatically screenshot landing pages

Landing Page & Metadata

See what landing pages the ads were driving at that time.  (Desktop & Mobile)

see the longest running facebook ad campaign

Sort by Longest Running

Quickly discover winning ads by segmenting time running.

Access Swipe Files From Leading Creative Strategists

Plug into the genius of the worlds leading creative strategists and media buyers by accessing their public boards of winning ad inspiration.

Browse Experts
"We love using Foreplay to share ads with the team, with our clients, and with creators. There's really no other solution as simple or as organized as Foreplay and we are really looking to scale our usage of it in 2022."
Tim Keen
Founder / CEO @

The Creative Strategy Stack

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Mastering Ad Creative Research

Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience's preferences, pain points, and behaviours to craft the perfect winning ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this tool cost?

The Inspiration Library is a 100% free ad spy tool. Beyond the inspiration section, we also have a Swipe File tool and AI Brief tool that are paid subscriptions starting at $49/month.

How does the Inspiration Library fit into my workflow?

The inspiration library fits directly into the research phase of your creative workflow. Beyond that, the entire Foreplay ecosystem acts as an all-in-one tool to manage your creative strategy and ad creative workflow.

How do I find the best facebook ads?

The best way to find the best facebook ads using our platform is to create a keyword search for your product or service and then sort by longest-running.

Do you have a brand monitoring program?

Not directly within the Inspiration Library, however, we do have a feature called Spyder which allows you to automatically track competitors ads.

Can I see my competitor's ads?

Absolutely! Simply toggle to the "Brands" tab and search for your competitor. You will be able to see any historical or current ads that have been saved by Foreplay users.

How do I become a Foreplay Expert?

Becoming a Foreplay expert is easy, fill out the form linked below. Currently, we are accepting creative strategists, media buyers, agencies, and affiliate marketers. Become a Expert

Why is this the best ad spy tool?

Traditional ads spy tools work using bots and bulk scrapers to build their database. The Foreplay Inspiration library is the largest community-curated ad library in the world, meaning every ad is saved by a human on our platform.

How often is the example ad library updated?

The foreplay ad inspiration library is updated in real-time. Whenever someone on the platform saves an ad, it will be displayed in the Inspiration library immediately.

How do I know if a Facebook ad is a winning campaign?

The time ad is running can be a leading indicator of how successful that particular campaign is performing. If an ad has been running for six months, then you can assume it is performing within that brand's success metrics.

How do ads get into the foreplay platform?

Ads added to the Foreplay inspiration library are those saved from other users on the platform using the Swipe File tool.

What platforms are included in this ad spy?
  • Facebook Ad Inspiration
  • Instagram Ad Inspiration
  • TikTok Ad Inspiration
  • TikTok Organic Content Inspiration
  • LinkedIn Ads Inspiration
Does this ad spy tool show every ad online?

No, the Forpelay inspiration library does not display every ad online - it only displays winning ads that have been saved by our users.

More than an Inspiration Library

Inspiration Library is your free tool to browse curated ads from Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. Take a look at the rest of the creative strategy stack.