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Save ads, build briefs and produce high converting Facebook & TikTok ads at scale, without compromising quality.

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Your Creative Process is a Mess

Goodbye to endless folders of ad inspiration, briefs and competitor research. Foreplay let’s you wrangle your entire creative process into a streamlined workflow.



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Swipe File

Save Ads from Anywhere, Forever

Build your Smart Swipe File by saving ads from Facebook Ad Library, TikTok & more with one click.

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No Broken Links
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Landing Page Screenshot
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Custom Tags
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AI search & Filter
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Manual Upload
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Public Share Links
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Team Commenting
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Embed in Notion

Capture genius, with a single click

Save ads forever from Facebook Ad Library, TikTok Creative Center and more using the Foreplay Chrome Extension.

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Collaborative Moodboards

Seamlessly collaborate with your team or clients on creative ideas with internal & external sharing.

Active Status

Keep a close eye on your saved ads and steal winning ads from your competition.

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"My team uses it daily. Creative communication between performance teams, clients and strategists has always been a massive bottleneck. Foreplay added structure & efficiency that simply let's everyone do their best work while cutting down needless back and forth."
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Nick Shackelford
Founder @ Structured & Konstant Kreative
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Spyder Ad Spy

Creative First Competitor Tracking

Track every ad your competitors launch and extract insights and inspiration from their creative strategy.

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Automated Insight Reports
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Landing Page Archive
ad inspiration library
Creative Test Analysis
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Real-Time Analysis

24/7 Ad Library Scraper

Never miss a beat. Save every ad your competitors launch with enriched metadata.

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Discover Winning Hooks

Spyder automatically transcribes, analyzes, and presents winning hooks for you to test.

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Endless Ad Inspiration

Access the largest community ad library in the world with over 10,000,000 curated ads from 200k+ brands.

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AI ad creative search
AI search & Filter
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Favourite Brands
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5,000,000+ Ads
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200,000+ Brands

Creative research in 50% of the time

Plug in to the collective brain of world class marketers and browse a real-time feed of +10,000 new ads being saved everyday.

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Your finger on the pulse in real time

Like Netflix but for ad inspiration. Identify trends before your competition to strike while the iron is hot.

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Swipe Files From Leading
Creative Strategists

Unlock the private swipe files behind the worlds best ad creative specialists.

Browse Experts
"This is the #1 tool in my facebook ads toolkit. I use it daily for creative strategy research, compiling content ideas for clients, and even personal content development. If you’re trying to make better ad creative, Foreplay is not just “a nice to have”. It’s a must."
Dara Denney
Senior Director of Performance Creative
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10x Faster Briefs with AI

Transform your ad inspiration into actionable asset requests and breakthrough writers block with the help of our AI brief generator.

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AI Script Writing
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Performance Storyboards
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Brand Profiles
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Modular Brief Builder
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Attach Inspiration
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Custom Templates
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Dynamic Deliverables
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Version Management

Reverse engineer your Brief

Start with a piece of competitor inspiration and automatically re-write the video for your product or service.

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Export & Share Anywhere

Connect the dots and export your script, timeline or storyboard.

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Asset Submissions

Collect content from creators or editors directly from your brief.

upload your ad creative to a brief
“Foreplay is a key piece of how we find, save, review, and communicate around performance creative assets. It’s really reduced a lot of friction in the process and has allowed us to review and save 10x more content than we would have otherwise.”
Connor MacDonald
CMO @ Ridge Wallet

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