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Our Role

Creative Direction
Web Development

i. the Task

Heliospectra is a grow-light producer passionate about transforming the horticulture market and finding new sustainable solutions to feed and heal the world. They were in need of a complete website overhaul that would position them as a premium option in their industry.

ii. Our Approach

We took a phased approach to design the website theme from scratch in Webflow. Starting with the most complex pages being the product pages and homepage, we allowed the styling cues to trickle down through the entire design resulting in each page has its own dynamic layout while still looking like one cohesive site. Additionally, the site is packed full of both CSS and Lottie Animations developed in-house.

iii. things we made

The final project was an +50 page website with a robust content portal along with bilingual investor portal to support their public trade requirements in Canada and Sweden.

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iv. After the Foreplay

After launching the site, Heliospectra set out on a large B2B push with a focus on content marketing and SEO. The Growers Centre enabled the team to create various types of gated content from Webinars to EBooks and Articles, capturing leads and providing an impressive amount of value to current and potential customers.

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