Interactive Cookie Quiz

Our Role

Animation & Motion Graphics
Web Development

i. the Task

Subway saw National Cookie Day as a fun and playful way to engage with their customers while enabling an organic way to introduce the all-new Hot Chocolate Cookie at Subway. Alongside Veritas, we were tasked with creating an interactive and viral customer experience on the web.

ii. Our Approach

With a desire to truly connect with the customer - we developed the Subway Cookie Quiz which matched an iconic Subway cookie to your personality and flavour preferences. The quiz touched on everything from the user's classic Subway order, to holiday and movie preferences.

iii. things we made

We designed the web experience to be bold and playful to match Subway's new Visual Identity which also made the entire experience screen-shootable and most importantly shareable on social.

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iv. After the Foreplay received thousands of impressions and quiz entries on National Cookie Day. It also became part of an influencer campaign that resulted in a surprise-and-delight where participating influencers received their personality-matching cookie at their doorstep.

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