5 reasons why marketing agencies and leading brands love Foreplay 

Whether you're a solo creator or part of a large creative team, Foreplay makes it easy to capture inspiration, organize your research and streamline your ad creation process.

1. Effortless inspiration gathering

Our Chrome extension allows you to save ads forever from Facebook, TikTok, and more - with just one click.

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming screenshots and downloads.

2. Organized creativity

With our easy to use boards, you can keep all your inspiration and ideas in one place and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

3. Streamlined workflow

Integration with Facebook Ad Library, TikTok Creative Center, Slack, and Notion means you can access all your inspiration and ideas in one place.

No more switching between multiple tools and platforms.

"We love using Foreplay to share ads with the team, with our clients, and with creators. There's really no other solution as simple or as organized as Foreplay and we are really looking to scale our usage of it in 2022."
Tim Keen
Founder / CEO @ Loop.club

4.  Time-saving efficiency

Our intuitive design and simple features save you time and make your ad inspiration process more efficient, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content.

Best of all, there are no usage limitations on any of our plans.

5. Better Results

With Foreplay, you can easily access and reference your saved inspiration, leading to better ad concepts, higher quality content, and ultimately, better results for your clients.